Next Steps

After GROWTH PATH, it’s time to take the NEXT STEP! These are life and leadership classes to help further your walk with God.

Foundational Faith

These four sessions are designed to help you hear from God, learn the value of His Word, and ensure you have a healthy concept of God.

• Session 1 – How Do I See God
• Session 2 – How Does God See Me
• Session 3 – Bible Has All Authority
• Session 4 – Hearing God

Real Freedom

Everyone needs freedom! These four sessions are designed to help all believers live in the freedom that the cross of Christ gives.

• Session 1 – Everyone Needs Freedom
• Session 2 – Open Doors
• Session 3 – Cleaning House
• Session 4 – Tearing Down Strongholds

Living Blessed

These four sessions discuss how living by biblical principles of stewardship will help us grow in our relationship and dependence on God as our source!

• Session 1 – Who’s the Owner
• Session 2 – The Principle of Firsts
• Session 3 – Good Stewards Hear, Believe, and Obey
• Session 4 – Blessed Stewards